Friday, April 29, 2005

Finally done with work!

Now I can relax! I'm off from work until June 6, and it's been a pretty stressful week wrapping things up. We had a website project that ran into obstacles, and that kept me from finishing some testing.

But that's all off my shoulders now, and right now I'm importing the rest of my CDs on iTunes so I'll have plenty of music for the plane. Our team leaves Monday morning, on a 6:30 flight to Salt Lake City. From there we go to New York, then to Istanbul, then finally to Ankara. It's a 23-hour journey from takeoff to landing.

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Welcome to Turkey 2005 Blog

It's now just over 8 days until I leave for Turkey. This evening I had dinner at the home of my neighbors, Connie and Dave. They visited Turkey in 2001 and shared with me their photo album, books about Turkey in general and Cappadocia in particular, and a map of Troy, with titles in German. This afternoon I got about halfway through Crescent & Star: Turkey Between Two Worlds by Stephen Kinzer.