Friday, May 13, 2005

Oil filters and tobacco filters in Iskenderun

Yesterday we toured and had lunch at ASAS, an oil filter factory in Iskenderun. After the tour, the owner asked us each what kind of car we drove, so he could give us each a new oil filter.

After this, we toured a new hospital, which opened in ─░skenderun in the past few months. We sat in the office of the hospital administrator, who is a member of our host Rotary club, and I was struck by seeing a Marlboro ashtray on his desk. It actually served as the paperweight for a Rotary banner as photos were taken. To the Turks, seeing an ashtray in a hospital director's office might be perfectly normal. Being an American, and especially being from health-conscious Colorado, it seemed odd at first.

Later last night we gave our presentation to the Iskenderun Rotary club, then attended a post-meeting cay party. After this I went home with my host, Meryem and her husband, where we listened to Bob Marley and talked politics.

Meryem Ciftci with her sister-in-law, friend, and cat


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