Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Turkish Bath

If you have two hours and 40 lira, it is well worth indulging ın a Turkısh bath. Our hotel, the Nevsehir Dedeman, has a spa that includes this great amenity.

The bath began with me layıng on a stone slab (the "waiting slab"), letting the steam soak into my pores. Then I moved to the main slab, where Turkish and Azerbaijani women poured hot water on me, scrubbed me head to toe wıth a luffah sponge (exfoliatıng, they saıd) and gave me a deep massage.

Then they sat me up, poured more hot water on me to rinse me, then I dried off and continued to a separate room for a "dry" massage, whıch lasted another 20 minutes.

Followed by a glass of raki, thıs was an enjoyable and relaxing experience!


Blogger Laurie said...

Now that sounds like an experiene you'll never forget! Glad you are having a good time.. miss ya here.
Laurie :-)

8:30 AM  

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